Course Description:

Epidemiology is a course for students interested in understanding the mathematics of disease spread and determinants of disease distribution, etiology, and transmission through a research-focused lens.

Course objectives:

  • Introduce students to epidemics, diseases, and biostatistics, with a special focus on their application to the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Develop critical thinking skills in students through student-led investigations and problem-based learning of epidemiological theory

  • Learn how to carry out outbreak investigations and mathematically analyze epidemiological data from quantitative studies

  • Analyze, resolve, and propose policy for real-life epidemics and disease scenarios!

Course highlights:

  • Optional office hours with the instructors before class.

  • An innovative, student-led social impact project that allows students to apply their knowledge of epidemiology to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Personalized feedback and custom-made course materials from an ISEF Grand Prize Awardee and AIME qualifier!

Class Times: Mondays from 5PM - 6PM ET

Length: October 18 - January 10 (12 weeks)

Recommended Prerequisites: Pre-Algebra

Grade Range: 7+


Grace Liu

USABO SF, AIME qualifier

Matthew Lee

ISEF Grand Prize, USABO SF