Data Science & Research

Course Description:

Data Science is a 12-week course for students interested in applying computational techniques and statistics to understand a diversity of real-world questions through data, including disease networks, music, political elections, gene expression, and more! Students will learn the syntax, structure, and packages of the data science language R; explore the theory of and apply various statistical methods to analyze data; and design, conduct, and present a mini-research project applying R to investigate a real-world issue. Students will gain a strong foundation in the popular software R; exercise creativity, collaboration and critical thinking skills by designing and presenting research; explore the basics of research presentation and paper writing in the software LaTeX; and submit their final reports for publication in Illuminate.

Course objectives:

  • Develop a mastery of fundamental R syntax (loops, data types, data storage types), packages (tidyverse, ggplot, dplyr, Mass, etc.), data manipulation in dplyr, and visualize data in ggplot

  • Learn to clean and manipulate datasets, construct boxplots and correlation matrices, and explore a number of statistical tests and heatmap techniques to analyze and visualize data.

  • Collaborate to construct a real-world dataset on an issue of your choice. Test your own hypotheses by investigating correlations and significant landmarks within your data!

Course highlights:

  • Design, conduct, and orally present a data-based, computational research project on a topic of your choice to compete for publication in Illuminate!

  • Explore the structure of research papers and journals, and learn to write research papers and cite literature through LaTeX!

  • Collaborate in teams to collect, analyze, and visualize data for weekly custom-made exercises and challenges!

  • Interact casually with your instructor and make lifelong friends with peers through the Data Science Discord server!

Class Times: Tuesdays from 6PM - 7PM ET

Length: October 19 - January 11 (12 weeks)

Recommended Prerequisites: Algebra I

Grade Range: 7+


Amber Luo

RSI alumna (T5 Oral & Written), USABO NF, 4x AIME Qualifier