Computer Science

Course Description:

Computer Science is a course for students who are passionate about exploring the basic language and structure of coding by creating interactive, marketable iOS apps with iOS Swift. Students will have the opportunity to learn the fundamental syntax of computer science and gain computational intuition and creativity, developing a groundwork for students to master any field of computer science or data science. Furthermore, students will exercise creativity and real-world problem solving by designing independent iOS apps, explore higher-level programming concepts present in Java and C++, and gain a strong mastery of basic computer science principles for application to future research or Olympiad endeavors.

Course objectives:

  • Explore basic programming concepts, including variables, data types, loops, and arithmetic operations

  • Build upon basic programming concepts to understand deeper concepts in computer science including object-oriented programming, encapsulation, enums, hash maps, arrays, etc.

  • Design, craft, and implement your own iOS applications through iOS Swift!

  • Learn to use the coding interface XCode to design applications and efficiently design your own programs!

Course highlights:

  • Opportunities to design your own independent app through iOS Swift and market it to your peers with the founder of MakerSafe and developer of the bias-combating app FreeFeed, Aashika Jagadeesh!

  • Custom-made course curriculum and individual projects, with opportunities for coverage in our student publication Illuminate!

  • Provide students with the intuition and groundwork needed to open doors for computing/research competitions such as NCWIT, USACO, ISEF, and more!

Class Times: Saturdays 4PM - 6PM ET

Length: October 16 - November 27 (6 weeks)

Recommended Prerequisites: N/A

Grade Range: 6+


Aashika Jagadeesh

Published app, NCWIT Awardee