Fundamentals of Chemistry

Course Description:

Fundamentals of Chemistry is a course for students who are interested in exploring the basics of chemistry, with a focus on developing a strong background in core chemistry concepts for application in future research and higher-level STEM courses.

Course objectives:

  • Guide students in developing an applicable understanding of the core concepts of chemistry

  • Explore atomic structure, periodic table trends, intermolecular forces and electronegativity, bonding and VSEPR theory, stoichiometry, and more!

  • Prepare students to excel at the USNCO (United States National Chemistry Olympiad) with personalized tips from a USNCO National Finalist.

  • Enable students to take on more challenging Competitive Biology courses that require a solid understanding of Chemistry, including Biochemistry, Cell Biology, and Genetics

Course highlights:

  • Detailed, custom-made slideshows and activities for each lesson.

  • Fun activities: Virtual group labs, a periodic table project, and an acids-and-bases escape room activity!

  • Homework is custom-made and emphasizes critical thinking skills, developing a deeper understanding of topics covered.

  • A Discord server featuring: Problem of the Week, instructor office hours, extra help opportunities, and a community of peers!

Class Times: Fridays 6PM - 8PM ET

Length: October 22 - December 3

Recommended Prerequisites: N/A

Grade Range: 6+


Amber Luo

RSI alumna, USNCO NF + Honorable Mention, USABO NF