Fundamentals of Biology

Course Description:

Fundamentals of Biology is a course for students who are interested in exploring the basics of biology and developing a strong understanding of core biological concepts to apply to higher-level studies.

Course objectives:

  • Provide students with a robust understanding of biology's fundamental concepts

  • Develop a strong understanding of basic cell biology, organic chemistry, genetics, ecology, and animal anatomy & physiology.

  • Present students with the opportunity to explore the diverse range of topics that biology encompasses, and guide students in discovering their favorite field

  • Prepare students to excel at challenging STEM competitions, such as the USABO (United States of America Biolympiad) and Science Olympiad, with the help of a USABO semifinalist

  • Enable students to excel in more challenging courses, such as Biochemistry, Anatomy, and Immunology!

Course highlights:

  • Detailed, custom-made slideshows and activities for each lecture

  • One-on-one optional office hours with the instructor before class!

  • Periodic unit quizzes and assessments that allow students to assess their engagement and understanding.

  • Fun activities, labs, and projects that allow students to tap into their creative sides and exercise critical thinking skills!

Class Times: Mondays 6PM - 7PM ET

Length: October 19 - January 10 (12 weeks)

Recommended Prerequisites: N/A

Grade Range: 5+


Evan Lan