Genetics & Evolution

Course Description:

Genetics & Evolution is a course for students who are interested in exploring the transfer and analysis of genetic information across generations from a hereditary, molecular, and evolutionary perspective. Genetics is essential for understanding all fields of biology, and this course will help students develop a strong framework for their futures as scientists.

Course objectives:

  • Help students develop a core understanding of molecular genetics and Mendelian and non-Mendelian genetic analysis.

  • Explore the transmission and origin of genetic diseases through pedigree, karyotype, SNP, and STR analysis.

  • Understand the most widely used genetic technologies, including PCR, Southern blot, gel electrophoresis, Sanger sequencing, and next-gen sequencing!

  • Delve into more difficult concepts such as linkage mapping, epistasis, and recombination frequencies.

  • Expand student knowledge to a macroevolutionary perspective, exploring phylogenetic trees, sympatric and allopatric speciation, and more!

Course highlights:

  • Personalized tips and tricks from a Science Olympiad Division B Heredity coach!

  • Virtual labs and other activities that give students the opportunity to apply what they've learned to real world applications.

  • A Discord server where students can collaborate on material, form friendships, and join a community of talented peers.

Class Times: Sundays 3PM - 4PM ET

Length: October 18 - January 10 (12 weeks)

Recommended Prerequisites: Biology or general science class that covers basic biological concepts. Introduction to Biology at Illumina Learning is adequate as well.

Grade Range: 6+


Evan Lan