Course Description:

Ecology is a course for students curious about how ecosystems and the living organisms within influence each other's development and characteristics on a large-scale. Ecology explores the abiotic and biotic factors that make up our world from a systemic, mathematical approach and introduces students to methods to model and predict the rise and fall of populations and ecosystems, understand the diverse ways that species can interact with each other and their environment, and learn to appreciate and preserve the delicate relationship between humans and the world we live in.

Course objectives:

  • Introduce students to the interactions, abiotic factors, and biotic factors present within ecosystems and explore how abiotic factors influence their distribution across the earth.

  • Explore the diverse interactions between organisms of different species: mutualism, commensalism, parasitism, predation, and more!

  • Learn about the concept of life history and utilize it to predict the rise and fall of various types of species through simple logistic curves!

  • Explore the cycling of elements, nutrients, and energy through ecosystems through food chains, nutrient cycles, and trophic pyramids!

  • Appreciate the value of conservation biology and restoration ecology in preserving the balance between human exploitation and ecosystem growth.

Course highlights:

  • Investigate and resolve real-world case studies and research exploring human-environmental interactions with a IESO (International Earth Science Olympiad) high award winner!

  • Engage in critical small-group discussion to unravel difficult application-based analysis questions and develop critical thinking skills and intuition!

  • Custom-made slideshows, homework, and quizzes tailored to our students' interests and passions!

Class Times: Thursdays from 7PM - 8PM ET

Length: October 21 - January 13 (12 weeks)

Recommended Prerequisites: Algebra I

Grade Range: 6+


SydneyBlu Garcia-Yao