Cell Biology

Course Description:

Cell Biology is a course for students interested in exploring the structure and function of eukaryotic animal and plant cells. Cell biology is one of the more difficult topics in biology, and this course will ensure that students are well-prepared to read and understand difficult cell biology texts and succeed at biology competitions and higher-level courses.

Course objectives:

  • Help students develop a fundamental understanding of signal transduction, cellular communication, and organelle structure and function.

  • Explore the genes and proteins that regulate the cell cycle and the relationship of signaling dysfunction to metastasis and cancer development.

  • Gain an in-depth knowledge of cellular respiration and photosynthesis from a metabolic & anatomical point of view!

  • Exercise critical thinking and comprehension skills through real-world case studies and integrated, custom-made problems!

Course highlights:

  • Preparation for Science Olympiad and USABO (Biology Olympiad)!

  • Simplified but effective approach to cell biology, a typically challenging field of study.

  • Office hours and custom-made assignments that maximize student potential.

  • A Discord server where students can connect with each other and make new virtual friends.

Class Times: Tuesdays 4PM - 5PM ET

Length: October 19 - January 11 (12 weeks)

Recommended Prerequisites: Biology or general science class that covers basic biological concepts. Introduction to Biology at Illumina Learning is adequate as well.

Grade Range: 7+


Oshin Samuel