Anatomy & Physiology II

Course Description:

Anatomy and Physiology II is a course for students interested in studying the body systems involved in regulation of blood composition and homeostasis. It may be taken simultaneously, before, or after Anatomy and Physiology I.

Course objectives:

  • Help students develop a fundamental understanding and appreciation for the Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Digestive, Excretory, Immune/Lymphatic, and Skeletal systems, as well as the central role of the liver in organic metabolism.

  • Provide students with the opportunity to develop their critical thinking skills through analysis of clinical case studies and more!

  • Prepare students to score high at prestigious competitions such as Science Olympiad and the United States Biology Olympiad (USABO).

Course highlights:

  • Personalized instruction from a USABO semifinalist and nationally recognized researcher!

  • Custom-made homework and assignments that focus on student areas of growth and improvement.

  • A Discord server where students can get to know each other, discuss class material, and ask questions!

  • Fun approaches to learning anatomy through engaging virtual activities.

Class Times: Sundays from 7PM - 8PM ET

Length: October 18 - January 10

Recommended Prerequisites: Biology or general science class that covers basic biological concepts. Introduction to Biology at Illumina Learning is adequate as well.

Grade Range: 6+


Vishal Surya

Science Olympiad Division B A&P National Medalist