Camp Illumina


At Camp Illumina, our mission is to provide opportunities for junior high & middle school students to gain hands-on virtual research experience by working with experienced high school researchers to conduct a specialized mini-research project. Students will have the opportunity to delve into a research topic, write research reports, present their research to our board of nationally recognized researchers for judging, and join a close-knit network of young students passionate about research.

Registration for Camp Illumina is currently closed. Check back soon for updates on Winter Session!

What We Offer

Immersive, Individualized Research Projects

Campers will have the opportunity to work in small groups with nationally recognized high school researchers to conduct a specialized biology research project from start to finish, to be published in Illuminate. Students will gain exclusive research experience, valuable computer science skills, and close-knit friendships with passionate peers from around the nation.

Exclusive Courses and Research Skills

Camp Illumina's core course - Scientific Writing and Presentation - is tailored to build valuable research presentation skills, with a focus on developing the scientific voice, creativity, and confidence of each of our campers. This course, as well as the immersive research paths that we offer, are exclusive to Camp Illumina. They are not offered in any other sessions.

Specialized, Student-Selected Research Paths

All campers will have the opportunity to select from frontier research paths, including bioinformatics and systems biology, each headed by an accomplished high school researcher. This self-guided path selection will allow students to explore a topic of their true interest, and discover their passions by investigating real-world problems in a field that they love.

Colloquium Talks and Research Symposium

Colloquium talks featuring accomplished guest speakers and fun special events are held during Camp Illumina. Campers will present their finished research project at an end-of-camp symposium that is open to friends, family, and the public!