Officer Profiles

Amber Luo

Founder & Director

Amber Luo is a rising freshman at MIT. In addition to co-founding and heading the board of Illumina Learning, she oversees all course curricula and directs Camp Illumina. One of her greatest joys is in helping the students she teaches discover their passions for STEM. Amber is the 3rd Place Winner of the 2022 Regeneron Science Talent Search (STS), an alumna of the 2021 Research Science Institute (RSI) and Top 5 Paper + Top 5 Oral Presentation Honoree, a 2-time USABO National Finalist and 2022 Silver Medalist (Top 8), 5-time AIME qualifier, and 2021 USNCO Honorable Mention recipient. She is first-author of a preprint in COVID-19 mathematical modeling. In her free time, she enjoys writing exams for Science Olympiad invitationals and recording K-Pop dance covers.


Instagram: @amberr_luo

Amy Liu

Founder & Director

Amy Liu is a high school senior from Long Island, New York. In addition to co-founding and heading the board of Illumina Learning, she works as an administrator and coordinates logistics. Amy is passionate about teaching and writing, and she believes that it is important to encourage young students to explore challenging fields and pursue their interests. Amy is a 3-time national gold & silver medalist in the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, a Coolidge Senator, and a Best-of-the-Net-nominated poet. Her work is found or forthcoming in Passages North, Asian American Writers' Workshop: The Margins, and The Rising Phoenix Review, among others. In her spare time, she enjoys baking and bicycling. Amy is attending Princeton University in the fall.


Instagram: @amyzhenjing

Sohum Bindra

Chief Financial Officer

Sohum Bindra is a high school junior from Plymouth, Minnesota. He is currently the Chief Financial Officer and Neuroscience instructor at Illumina Learning. Sohum is ardent about exploring the fields of biology and neuroscience. Through teaching this course, he wants to help further others’ passion and interest in these fields as well. Sohum is one of the lead coordinators and writers for the American Science Tournaments Association (ASTA), which focuses on running one of the largest science based Quizbowl tournaments in the nation, and a top finisher in his state Brain Bee. Moreover, he participates in various buzzer competitions such as Quizbowl, and is a member of his school's Science Bowl teams. Outside of competitions, he enjoys cricket and biking.


Photo of Matthew Lee

Matthew Lee

Chair of Competitive Biology

Matthew Lee is a junior from East Brunswick, New Jersey. He is the Chair of Competitive Biology at Illumina Learning and is teaching Epidemiology this Fall. Matthew is passionate about biology and hopes to support students as they explore their love for science. Matthew is a Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) Finalist and Grand Award winner for his research on changes in the transcriptome throughout glioma progression. He is currently researching targeted drug delivery using superparamagnetic nanoparticles at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. He is a USABO semifinalist, has published two DNA sequences in the NCBI database, and leads his school's Science Olympiad, Science Bowl, and Math teams.


Oshin Samuel

Chief Marketing Officer

Oshin Samuel is a high school senior from Solon, Ohio. She is the Chief Marketing Officer at Illumina Learning and teaches Cell Biology. She's passionate about teaching and bringing equal learning opportunities to everyone (especially in science!). She's competed on a state level in her Science Olympiad team and has medaled in various invitationals. She also serves on the Executive Board of both Solon's ScioVirtual branch, reaching out to students and schools and bringing them closer to STEM courses, and Solon's Freshman Mentoring Program, developing inclusivity and sensitivity in freshmen. She also teaches epidemiology, forensics, and chemistry to middle school students, and has volunteered for political campaigns, such as phone banking for the 2020 national election. When she's not listening to Taylor Swift, she's reading and writing poetry.


Instagram: @oceansdawn99

Photo of Jean Chung

Jean Chung

Director of Graphic Design

Jean Chung is a high school senior from Long Island, New York. She is the Director of Graphic Design at Illumina Learning. Jean is passionate about graphic design and science. She believes that good graphic design enhances user interaction and experience. In addition to interning as Social Media Strategist for The Premed Scene, she is the Social Media Director of the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization Mission: Toothbrush, which seeks to bring quality hygiene materials and resources to underprivileged and communities. Jean is a national Science Olympiad medalist and currently conducts research on biostatistics at Stony Brook University.


Instagram: @jeanchungg

Photo of Evan Lan

Evan Lan

Instructor Assistant

Evan Lan is a high school junior from Allentown, Pennsylvania. He is the Instructor Assistant at Illumina Learning and teaches the Genetics & Evolution course. He is passionate about helping others to further their love for biology. Evan is heavily involved in Science Olympiad, winning numerous medals and acting as the student coach for the event Heredity for his district's Division B team. Outside of academic achievements, Evan is currently the Director of Science of Big Brainers, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that focuses on providing all students with affordable, online lessons, with all money being donated to humanitarian organizations.


Vishruth Hanumaihgari

Vishruth Hanumaihgari

Vishruth Hanumaihgari is a sophomore at Parkland High School in Allentown, PA. He is the instructor for the Anatomy & Physiology II course as well as an Illuminate editor. He is most passionate about nonfiction writing and continuing to develop his appreciation for the human body, and strongly believes in introducing more underrepresented minorities to biology. He is currently involved in cancer research and has earned gold medals in STEM competitions such as Science Olympiad.