Illumni Instructors

This page celebrates our instructors who have retired from Illumina Learning and honors the incredible amount of effort and time they have put into sharing their passions with students and sparking their STEM passions through their own <3

We will always love and cherish our past instructors and we thank all of you for your service and talent. We have the highest confidence that our retired Illumina Learning instructors will walk away from this experience with the spirit and support to continue to inspire students, forge their own bright paths in STEM, and share their passions to touch the lives of those around them. Thank you.

Stephanie Wang

Epidemiology - 2021 Spring Session

Stephanie is a junior at Seven Lakes High School in Katy, Texas and teaches the Epidemiology course. Stephanie is an avid biology and math enthusiast, and she is very passionate about bridging the educational divide. Stephanie is a Research Science Institute (RSI) scholar, Science Olympiad national champion, Math Prize for Girls invitee, USABO semifinalist, and author of the book Epidemiology Unmasked: An Introduction to Epidemiology in Public Health. In her free time, Stephanie enjoys reading biographies and listening to podcasts.


Instagram: @steph.wang04

Zoe Goldblum

Immunology - 2021 Spring Session

Zoe Goldblum is a freshman at Penn State University studying Immunology and Infectious Diseases and is the instructor of Immunology. She is excited to teach this course to cultivate an interest in immunology in middle and high school students, as there are few opportunities to study the subject before high-level undergraduate courses. At Penn State, Zoe has recently begun research in Food Microbiology, specializing in E. Coli serotyping and bioinformatics. Outside of school, Zoe is the President and Co-Founder of the Science Olympiad at Penn State (SOAPS) Invitational and the Executive Administrator of the Pennsylvania Science Olympiad Board of Directors.


Instagram: @zoe.goldblum11

Krish Jayarapu

Vertebrate Studies - 2021 Spring Session

Krish Jayarapu is a junior from Carmel High School in Carmel, Indiana and teaches Vertebrate Studies. He is extremely passionate about biology (especially animal and environmental sciences) but also harbors interest in chemistry and astronomy. Krish has been lecturing and tutoring STEM for many years. He is a Science Olympaid national medalist in Protein Modeling, captain of his Science Olympiad team, and a USABO semifinalist. He conducts research on population dynamics and phylogenomics. Outside of academics, Krish likes to play soccer and go birdwatching.


Instagram: @fishy_krishy

Camilla Martinez

Biochemistry - 2021 Spring Session

Camilla Martinez is a high school junior from Los Angeles, California. She is the instructor for the Biochemistry course. She believes that all students should receive the opportunity to explore their passions and works to promote diversity and inclusion in fields of STEM. Her passion for STEM and for teaching derive from her experience in genetics research, as well as her research in biogeochemistry at UCLA. She is a USABO semifinalist and will be pursuing research at the Research Science Institute (RSI) this summer, co-hosted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Center for Excellence in Education.


Siya Goel

Cancer Biology - 2021 Camp Illumina

Siya Goel is a junior from West Lafayette Jr. Sr. High School in Indiana and teaches the Intro to Research II course. She is passionate about research, STEM advocacy, and political advocacy. She firmly believes that all three of her passions unite complex phenomenons with the general public. Some of Siya's achievements include being a 2021 Research Science Institute (RSI) Scholar, 2021 ISEF Grand Prize Winner, 3-time ISEF Finalist, NSJHS finalist, 2-time NCWIT National Honorable Mention Winner, and an INSPO Science Fair Winner. Siya loves to conduct laboratory and computational projects pertaining to Alzheimer's and pancreatic cancer at multiple labs in Purdue University and University of Michigan.


Instagram: @_siyagoel_

Kayla Yao

Vertebrate Studies - 2021 Spring Session

Kayla Yao is a high school junior from Las Vegas, Nevada, and teaches Vertebrate Studies. She believes that learning about animals will help foster a greater appreciation for the natural world. Kayla is a captain for her school's Science Olympiad team and is a national Science Olympiad medalist. She has medaled in herpetology and ornithology at prestigious invitationals such as MIT. Beyond her role as a competitor, she coordinated logistics for her school's own invitational (Science Olympiad at Las Vegas Invitational). She has also medaled in veterinary science at the HOSA International Leadership Conference. In her free time, she likes to play Pokemon Go and read novels.


Instagram: @archdragoonkaela

Photo of Frank Liu

Frank Liu
Introduction to Research I - 2021 Spring Session

Frank Liu is a high school junior from Newton, Massachusetts. He is the Administrative Director at Illumina Learning and teaches Introduction to Research I. Frank loves biology and research and believes that comprehension is the key to success. He is interested in synthetic spider silks and won the Grand Prize at iGEM 2019. He is also first authoring a preprint and co-first authoring a manuscript in preparation. He is a two-time USABO semifinalist, a USNCO finalist with High Honors, and an RSI (Research Summer Institute) '21 scholar.


Instagram: @frankliuyc

Photo of Jason Cui

Jason Cui

Introduction to Research I - 2021 Spring Session

Jason Cui is a high school junior from Boulder, Colorado. He is currently the Chair of Research at Illumina Learning and teaches Introduction to Research I. He is passionate about science as well as helping others achieve their educational goals. Jason is a Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) Finalist, an AJAS fellow, a Research Science Institute (RSI) '21 Scholar, and an independent biomedical research intern at the University of Colorado Boulder and NASA. Outside of research, Jason helped found and is currently the Board Director of ASPIRE Education Connections (ASPIRE Colorado, Inc.), a 501(c)(3) non-profit that aims to alleviate socio-economic factors in education by providing resources to students ranging from electronic devices to test prep books to college counseling.


Instagram: @jason_cui1504

Amit Saha

Fundamentals of Chemistry - 2021 Spring Session

Amit Saha is a sophomore from Long Island, New York. He teaches the Fundamentals of Chemistry course. He is passionate about chemistry, mathematics, and problem-solving. He believes that everybody can learn things through dedication, time, and effort, regardless of difficulty. He is a USNCO National Finalist with Honors, an AIME qualifier, and a Science Olympiad medalist. He is also a varsity volleyball player and an active member of his school's Quiz Bowl and competitive math teams. He conducts biochemistry and bioinformatics research at the Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research at Northwell Health.


Instagram: @amitxsaha