About Us

Illumina Learning was founded to help students find their passions. We believe that passion is key to both success and personal fulfillment, and we aim to help students discover subjects in biology and research that challenge, interest, and engage them. Our mission is to bring free, quality education in biology and research to students of all backgrounds

We also recognize that many elementary, middle, and high schools are not able to offer programs in science research to their students. Our classes are meant to bring exposure to these fields to a wider audience of talented, motivated students, and we hope to inspire the next generation of doctors, researchers, and engineers.

We are proud to have grown into a community of dedicated students with a shared interest in biology and research. Our staff has expanded to include eighteen high school students from across the United States, and our Illumina Learning family now includes over sixty students from across the world.

For biographies and contact information of our staff, please see our Officer and Instructor Profile pages.