At Illumina Learning, our mission is to provide accessible opportunities for students to explore and appreciate biology through accessible, high-quality virtual classes ranging from scientific writing to human anatomy. Students will be mentored by the nation’s top high school researchers and USABO (Biology Olympiad) competitors, and will join a close-knit network of young students who are passionate about biology and research.

Illumina Learning - a biological family.

Number of students served by our free online courses: 133

Number of instructors in our Illumni family: 23

What We Offer

Our high school instructors are among the best in their fields. Our instruction staff includes Research Science Institute (RSI) students, IMO qualifiers, USABO National Finalists and USNCO National Finalists, ISEF finalists, Scholastic medalists, and other nationally-recognized students. Our instructors are not only passionate about their respective fields, but also dedicated to teaching and giving back to their communities.

Our virtual courses cover introductory science research topics as well as in-depth biology areas of study. These classes are meant to prepare students for future engagement in STEM fields, including USABO (Biology Olympiad), Science Olympiad, computational research, and more.

Our small class sizes ensure that instructors are able to provide individualized instruction for each student. Class sizes range from 6-10 students, and classes run twice a week to ensure that students are engaged and actively learning during the duration of their course. Many instructors provide office hours for extra instruction.

We believe in showcasing student work at Illumina Learning. Our classes' exciting assignments and projects are the product of the growth our students make, and we want them to be proud of it. We publish a variety of student work in Illuminate, from current events articles and scientific literature reviews to research papers and laboratory reports.